“Equality consists in the same treatment of similar persons”, said Aristotle. Male and female are similar; and yet, even today, equality for women is a mortuary word. Man and woman share the same human nature, the same rights and privileges, and the same divine destiny. Next to God, we are indebted to women, first for life itself, and then making it worth having. The future of the society is in the hands of the mothers. However, it is heartening to see today in some ways, the women are steadily becoming persons first and then taking up rest of the roles they are capable to perform.

Keeping this ‘mission and motto’ in mind “The Catholic Diocese of Lucknow”, ventured into the mission of educating the weak and the weaker sections our society. And we who are missionaries working in the ‘Missionary Schools’ for the ‘up-liftment’ of the poor and the down-trodden dedicate our lives for this noble cause.

St. Francis’ College, over a century old premium educational institution of the ‘city of Nawabs’ and run by the Catholic Diocese of Lucknow has been and still is involved in educating only the boys. And hence, the Governing Body of the Catholic Education Society decided to address the long standing request of so many parents and guardians to give equal opportunity for their girl children to study within the portals of this prestigious institution. To fulfill the deep rooted aspirations and legitimate demands of our parents the Catholic Diocese of Lucknow, under the dynamic and prolific leadership of our Bishop and the President of the Catholic Education Society, Most Rev. Dr. Gerald John Mathias decided to open a new school bearing the name of the popular Saint Francis of Assisi, with a separate administrative staff and a different co-educational environment. Thus the birthing of St. Francis School, Gomti Nagar became a reality today.

“Peace and Goodwill” is the motto of this nascent institution and we sincerely wish that these two virtues prevail in us in particular and in the society at large. Where there is ‘goodwill’ there is peace because the former depends on the later and vice versa. And I am of the firm belief that if one is a person of ‘goodwill’ no matter what the situation is and circumstances are one can maintain peace. And a peace loving person is a person of the supreme goodwill.


Rev. Fr. Alwyn Madtha