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Total Records: 16
Name: SatyaBrat Singh
Date: 22-Feb-2019

How you know: Referred by a friend
Rating: None
Profession: Social Worker
Comment: very informative and well designed website.It is my dream that My Daughter get opportunities become student only in St francis..
Name: Naresh Kumar Agarwal
Date: 07-Jan-2019

How you know: I am a parent
Rating: Excellent
Profession: Senior Manager at HAL
Comment: Website is well designed with lots of information in public domain. Also regularly updated. Best wishes to IT team & management. My son is already studying at St Francis College, Hazratganj. We as parents also wish to see our daughter to get admission to this renowned gomti nagar school near to our house. Regards
Name: Shweta Agarwal
Date: 15-Nov-2018

How you know: I am a parent
Rating: Excellent
Profession: House wife
Comment: Good designed web site. My son studies in St.Francis hazratganj branch and I will be really happy if my daughter too gets admission here.

Total Records: 16